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Car Accident Injury Treatment

Charleston Car Accident Injury Treatment

Few events can cause more physical damage to the body in such a brief instant as an auto accident. Even when traveling at low speeds, two colliding cars transfer enormous amounts of force to each other -- and to the fragile individuals they contain. If you have suffered a car accident injury or personal injury, chiropractic treatment can help correct the structural problems caused by the accident and allow for efficient, natural healing.

The central structural support of your body, the spinal column, can sustain serious damage from these forces. For instance, if another car hits yours from behind, your head may fly forward violently, only to rebound back just as violently. This can easily tear muscles and strain connective tissues in your neck while also creating spinal misalignment, in your cervical vertebrae. The misalignment may allow one of the discs in your neck to bulge out of its normal position, which in turn can pinch the nerves that send signals to your arms and legs. We call this condition whiplash, and it can leave you with neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and the inability to turn your head.

The same car accident injury can also present itself as damage to your lower back, or lumbar spine, especially if your shoulder harness only stops one side of your body from flying forward from the impact. The resulting twisting motion can cause vertebral misalignment in your back, again resulting in a bulging or herniated disc. A spinal problem in this region can press painfully on the sciatic nerve, cause pain or loss of sensation in a foot or leg.

Personal Injury Treatment for Shoulder Pain and Neck Pain

Of course, whiplash and sciatica do not occur exclusively in auto collisions -- a personal injury around the house or in the office, such as falling from a ladder or slipping on a wet floor, can cause the same kinds of neck pain, back pain or shoulder pain. Any personal injury that jars the spinal column can throw your alignment off-center, damaging soft tissues, pinching nerves and dislodging discs. Whatever the cause of your personal injury, you need to get help as soon as possible. Otherwise you may develop adhesions, stiff patches of scar tissue that cover muscles, tendons and ligaments and limit their ability to heal themselves completely or regain full freedom of motion.

Chiropractic Care and dry needling for personal Injuries in Charleston

Here at Advanced Spinal Care in Charleston, we have the training, techniques and equipment to treat whiplash. We offer personalized evaluation and physical rehabilitation. We use Deep Tissue Massage, and Dry Needle Therapy to release any adhesions that may hinder your recovery.

Our other treatment options such as dry needling, massage therapy, and of course spinal adjustment can all help you recover from an accident injury -- so contact our West Ashley office today at 843-573-9333.

We also make attorney recommendations.  

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I had been to 6 different doctors before Workman's Comp sent me to Dr. Shariff, had they just sent me there first, I would have been to work much faster. I feel great and I owe it all to him. I am pain free and don't have totake pain medication anymore. Thank you.

Matt C.
Charleston, SC

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